By Ken Deel - Demonologist

First, to clear up a misconception, the ‘Roman Ritual’ does require prior consent for the Local
Archdiocese (Bishop). And it must be performed by an appoint Catholic (Priest) Exorcist. I read
how some believe that a ‘blessing’ and other deliverance prayers are considered by some as
prayers of an ‘Exorcism’ which to the Catholic church, is not true. One might use other prayers
to effectively remove spirits, but the word exorcism in the church refers mainly to the ROMAN

As I have found some Catholic prayers groups most often led by a priest, may take on some
‘deliverance’ tasks, but the Roman Ritual is not performed.

Saint Michael prayer, Rosaries, and other prayers of intercession may be said. And even so
away from the home or person(s) in need of deliverance.
This is one reason I say to use the word “deliverance’ consoling and ministries when seeking
help with Clergy. Don’t say you need an ‘exorcism’.

Sadly, some Priest just use the ‘Red tape’ to purposely avoid these extraordinary task. Which at
times can truly frighten them, they find it safer behind the podium as a ‘Minister’ of the people.
Which is why all Priest are NOT sanctioned Exorcist, partly because their knowledge and faith
can vary. This makes them not qualified for such an extraordinary job, which requires one of
more piety. And not everyone is cut out for the work by nature.
So a Priest with a weak faith is less effective, and can often stir more trouble after ineffectively
cleansing a home. So levels of faith, even for clergy, are important factors.

(But watch out for other denomination and faiths trying to exploit ‘for profit’ and ‘media
attention’ to pull in more people for their collection plate. Seriously! -Beware of Ministers with
Microphones and TV Cameras!)

Back to the Roman Ritual:

One could say the Roman Ritual was first compiled in 1566. I say ‘compiled’ - because a majority
of it consist of prayers, the use of holy symbols and rituals, that were already in practice, but
not necessarily ‘together’. Words and actions not necessarily designed for deliverance and
likely not used together as a ‘road tested’ formulae for practicing clergy to rid one of evil spirits
as it came to be in that 16th century. So, in short, after a successful Exorcism by the Bishop of
Leon, the Roman Ritual was compiled based on those serious of rituals and prayers done to
expel the said 26 demons that possessed Nicola Aubrey.


I improvised a Chili recipe once, and when it reached perfection, I typed that one out from prior
notes and trial and error to a point, to compile the final effectively ‘Tasty’ version. But some of
it was from other recipes. So, the Roman Ritual was a ‘field tested’ and compiled method for
deliverance, but we have to realize that running off a spirit isn’t enough, you have to ensure it
will not return. Which is partly what this ‘exorcism’ does so it is not merely a ‘deliverance’

Lately we find because of all of the ghost groups out there, we see the negative results of too
much media on ‘Ghost hunting’. They get so many request for exorcisms now, that they had to
further close the doors to filter out the 99.9 percent of cases which are not in need of an actual
Exorcism. So yes folks the RED TAPE has lengthened! This is happening on the east coast as
well, as validate by John Zaffis. (nation wide)  

I am not sure how we can help to open the aid of the church to true demonic cases, when these
would-be ghosts groups are making it more difficult by running to clergy for an Exorcism, every
time something goes bump in the night.

-But WE MUST REALIZE WE CAN GET good CLERGY and PARISHIONERS to help with Prayers, etc
WITHOUT A NEED TO 'RED TAPE' for an full blown EXORCISM. But this is called ‘deliverance’
help. Avoid the word exorcism and see if a local prayer group through your clients church, or
your own church, might have such a group. In the least prayer requests for deliverance will get
you help!


Often in this, we find it is a ‘play by ear’, in accessing the type of haunting, the severity, and so
forth. All needed to provide an adequate solution. Just as diagnosing a PC Windows problem.
Knowing the symptoms is key to finding a solution, and understanding the severity of the
problem as well, will entail a need for ‘drastic measures’. Example. I ran into some ‘computer
guys’ who solve things by wiping the hard drive clean and reinstalling everything. A bit extreme
when you can fix it without taking such drastic steps. But this is a panic step that a lesser
knowledge technician will use. The probably here is another person calling themselves a
TECHNICIAN when they are only a ‘one trick pony’. Yanking boards, here and there, rather than
to recognize symptoms and going right for a proper solution. So a technician is good mix of
both an ‘engineer’ and ‘repair guy’. The engineer can understand the inner workings on the
computer well. But it does not alone arm one to recognize and solve problems. An Engineer is
to design, prototype and build.

A software engineer (programmer), is often not the one who debugs it, (troubleshoots the
crash, etc.) That often requires a ‘specialist’, more so in larger companies.

You will find an engineer is not trained to improvise and troubleshoot.
though such task is part of the design process. People who attain a healthy understanding of
the common problems and solutions from experience with such an engineered device will
know more at some point in how to fix it hen it fails. [One running joke is an engineer, when a
light bulb burns out will go and pull the fuse on the circuit, then change the bulb. ; ) A little joke
I heard in college, but it does describe how Engineering and repair is not one in the same

“How to repair your PC” is a good book, but does it make you an experienced repair guy? Do
you have a well understanding of the inner working of the computer now ?

Or will you always revert to reformatting a hardrive when a Windows crash reoccurs?

…Wrong solutions for problems not correctly identified…

People need to know, client based help is to provide a ‘solution’ this is apart from ‘Ghost
hunting’ teams, which are more like ‘Tourist’ are to the Zoo, or Students whom are they merely
to observe an gather data. Not there to carelessly wave around a vile of holy water or
smoldering sage like a magic wand.

Ghost Hunters can be better compared to one trying to prove the PC crashes, or to witness the
crash. Ghost busters are the technicians.

So people need to be clear as to what type of team there are and do not cross over to ‘client
help’, if you are primarily an ‘investigation team.’

One is more so ‘spiritualism’ (client help), while the other more so ‘science’.

Both can be needed, just as ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘Psychology’, is considered rather than to assume
witness testimony is always accurate in telling what is really going on. So in our case,
Paranormal Task Force will professionally help to gather physical evidence as needed of the
haunting. Where a second team will handle an effective solution if one is justified.

I have to say to be leery of those calling themselves a “Demonologist”. People should realize
that simply making a choice to specialize in demonic haunts doesn't make one a ‘demonologist.’

Reading Gerald Brittles Book : “The Demonologist” doesn't make you one, anymore than
visiting a Zoo makes you a ‘Zoologist.’.

There is so much much more to it than a few years of study, and it must be from the right
sources. As my own 28 years of serious studies are ongoing, I never want to assume I have all
of the answers. Only God does have all of the answer after all. Today, even my father will still
always has a new book reading about ‘spiritual warfare’, and other related topics. I have bought
him books from TAN publishing for his birthday and Christmas on through out the years. So,
some say for me, it is more so a ‘generational’ practice to study and apply this knowledge. This
beyond the many clergy in my family. So in a way, one could say, that ‘Demonology’ is sort of a
‘family business’, my Legacy, as far as a knowledge and understanding. I Realize even with that,
It chose me, I didn’t so much choose it, as I have had paranormal experiences since I was at
least 7 years old. As that did kindle a search for answers, but in my case there was a wealth of
knowledge almost at my finger tips throughout the years, so I wasn’t limited to book stores and
libraries alone.

In closing I wanted to make mention, that I make my self available to ANYONE who feels a need
to ask for help, or in asking honest questions on the before mentioned topics. This included
question about the Catholic faith. Although I come from a more ‘traditional’ view, I will try to
answer to a post VATICAN II reply.

© 2008 Kenneth Deel -

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The Roman Ritual and 'Demonologists'
The Roman Ritual and 'Demonologists'
by Ken Deel - Demonologist

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