EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena to the believer are the voices of the unknown
caught on a recording device.  To the non-believer they are just random noises, radio
transmissions or from other reached for explainable causes.  Whether you believe or
not, what you are not told is that there are potential dangers involved when one listens
to such recordings.

Before you anxiously hit the play button and listen to any EVP on this website or from any
other source, including other forms of audio or video of the unknown, Paranormal Task
Force (PTF) would like to take this time and let you know about the potential risks
associated to playing such in your home, work, and etc.   Just like using an Ouija Board,
Crystal Ball, Scrying Mirror or any other device in hopes of making contact with the other
side or the unknown there is the same potential risks when listening or viewing such
messages live or when played back on various devices.  Remember, we are dealing with
the "unknown" and as such it possesses potential "unknown dangers"

There have been reports that certain EVP's, including other audio or video of the
unknown, when played at a location can induce paranormal activity and/or possibly cause
the manifestation of an entity or activity which you may not desire.  There is no 100%
proof of this out there, but we have received reports by various individuals which
support such speculation and theory.

With such potential, you need to understand the possible recourse of playing any EVP's
or any other captured audio and video of the unknown.  If you already have a home or
are at a location which already has paranormal activity then playing certain audio or
video of the unknown may greatly increase the activity you have been experiencing and
if the audio or video of the unknown came from a negative source then you could
possibly allow such into your home and life by listening or viewing it.  

As with anything paranormal we highly suggest that you take proper precautions before
listening or viewing such material.  This would include psychological and/or faith
preparation with a prayer or similar ritual which your faith supports for the safety of
yourself and all in your home and then conduct the same or similar prayer or ritual after

Also, do not hesitate in using any protective icons  which represent your faith or what
you have a strong belief in. This can be a piece of jewelry, gem stone, crystal, bag of dirt,
medallion, or even a tomato from your garden if you truly believe that it can protect you
from what you perceive as evil or negative. Never forget, the unknown does not have to
resort to physical attacks and it can get inside your mind and mentally or psychologically
en stow harm as well.

I would also suggest NOT to let children listen to or view such material and to use
headphones when possible to possibly minimize or prevent any potential adverse

If after listening to or viewing any audio or video of the unknown you or others with you
start to feel ill or experience adverse activity then please seek help from a faith
practitioner or experienced paranormal consultant.

Dangerous elements do exist within the paranormal realms which you may be involved
with. You or someone you know can become a victim to what you just have a curiosity

If you have experienced such in the past or currently due to listening to or viewing any
audio or video of the unknown then please let us know.

In closing, you assume all responsibility for listening to such audio or viewing such video
or photographs on this website or other external sources linked to from this site.

Greg Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force

© Copy 2006 Paranormal Task Force  – All Rights Reserved
EVP WARNING - The Potential Dangers
EVP - The Potential Dangers of Listening
~ What Others Won't Tell You ~
by Gregory Myers
President - Paranormal Task Force
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