~ Don't Leave Home Without One ~

Sensitive Investigators - Don’t Leave Home Without One

With advances in technology and science which is crucial to the advancement of the
paranormal investigative and research field, we often overlook a more hidden and not so
scientific resource which many times is even ridiculed and pushed wayside by the
scientific faction.  This is those individuals who have a special hidden gift or what they
sometimes perceive as a curse, what I call the “sensitive” investigator or others may call
psychics or clairvoyants.

I have learned from personal experience and from being with a successful team that
proper utilization of the sensitive investigator can be just as important and valuable as
the scientific methods and gadgets we use.  However, just like a piece of equipment you
have to take such out into the field yourself for some test runs and evaluate the
usefulness of each individual piece.  Just like a piece of equipment you have to get very
familiar with all of its features and limitation in order to use it properly.

It has to also be kept in mind that all sensitive investigators (psychics/clairvoyants) are
not the same and they come with less, more and different features just like your new
digital camera or voice recorder and even once in awhile can be faulty.  Sensitive
investigators come with various levels and types of extra-sensory perceptions which
include abilities to gather knowledge and information through methods not yet fully
understood or recognized by science which include: feeling (clairsentience), smelling
(clairalience), hearing (clairaudience), knowing (claircognizance), tasting (clairgustance)
and seeing (clairvoyance).  Some sensitive investigators may possess just one of these
abilities while another may have three or even all.  One could write an entire book
concerning each and every type of extra-sensory perception as well as give them
various categorizations and individual names.  

When such a sensitive investigator’s abilities are properly identified then they can be
used strategically to assist in all areas of the investigative and research process
including:  being present at client or witness interviews where they can ascertain
truthfulness and credibility, in research where their abilities may give leads to tangible
facts that may provide invaluable documentation, at the site which is possibly
experiencing paranormal activity where their abilities may provide valuable for gathering
hidden knowledge and facts concerning the haunting or even in communicating with
what may be doing the haunting and even to assist with locations and angles for
equipment placement.

I have found that a good gifted sensitive investigator many times will be worth their
weight in gold as their interaction can assist in the capture of valuable evidence, gather
knowledge leading to information and other facts that many times further research will
substantiate and overall prove invaluable in the process of substantiating an actual
haunting or the explainable causes that are being perceived as such.  Furthermore,
many times a sensitive investigator can assess a location and identify hidden or potential
dangers that paranormal activity could pose to other members of the investigative team
or the clients involved.

One example I have personally been witness to includes when a sensitive investigator
was taking note of communications received from an entity during an investigation in
which he told her his name.  During later analysis of audio captured that night on the
recorder of a more scientific investigator, the entity also gave the same exact name.   
This was able to be extracted as evidence and classified as an unexplained voice or
what we in the field call an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).  Subsequent research
found this name as an actual person who passed away in what was once a nearby poor
house where the burial locations were never marked or noted.  These burials could have
been throughout the neighborhood we were investigating.

In another example, a sensitive investigator gathered detailed knowledge of a young girl
who was severely abused by her mother at an investigative site.  Through subsequent
research and interviews contact was later made with an elderly lady who once lived at
that location and validated through a non-leading interview that she was abused by her
mother as a child while living there.  This case allowed us to experience and document
residual paranormal activity which involved the energy from a living person’s traumatic

Other examples include the many investigations in which witness interviews and
preliminary analysis would have resulted in areas warranting no equipment placement or
focused interactive investigation techniques.  However, sensitive investigators with
their abilities noted they felt that certain locations within these areas would be good for
such placement and interaction.  When equipment and interaction were used in the
areas the sensitive investigators recommended, it resulted in the capture of pertinent
evidence which aided greatly in the substantiating of an actual haunting or other
paranormal activity at the location being investigated.  

I strongly feel that the proper integration of such sensitive investigators along with
sound scientific methods and equipment are needed for success in the paranormal
investigative and research field.  I highly recommend that each team or organization
attempt this integration and see if it brings them a better balance and success rate in the
field.  Personally, I do not leave home and go to an investigation without a sensitive
investigator by my side.

© 2008 - Gregory Myers, Paranormal Task Force, Inc.

Also published in the February I Am Haunted Newsletter

and on Haunted America Tours
Sensitive Investigators
Sensitive Investigators
~ Don't Leave Home Without One ~

by Gregory Myers, President of Paranormal Task Force
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