History of the Organization
Paranormal Task Force (PTF) evolved from Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR).  MPR was
formed in 2004 by Steven LaChance as a result of an extreme haunting that he experienced in
his home in Union Missouri.  When he and his family were terrified by what they were
encountering, it was difficult for him to find credible and knowledgeable local help that was
understanding and compassionate about his situation.   His goal was to assist others who were
experiencing similar situations and to provide a humanistic approach, which means that
attention must be provided to the healing and emotional wellbeing of the clients in addition to
the paranormal assistance.  Steven was the founder of MPR.  Soon after, current PTF President
Greg Myers joined Steven as co-administrator of Missouri Paranormal Research in 2005.  After
the filming of the documentary Children of the Grave, the need for the team to expand their
region occurred, resulting in the name change to Paranormal Task Force.  Initially, during early
2007, the team became known as PTF/MPR in order to insure that current clients and the
community would realize the same professional team was active and in the transition of a name

In late July of 2007, Steven LaChance decided to leave the team in order to devote more time to
his family, as well as to pursue his writing career while still personally assisting others with
extreme paranormal issues.  At this time, Steven notified the team of his desire to do such as
well as his wish that the team continue his vision.  He gave his blessing and graciously
transferred all rights to Missouri Paranormal Research to the remaining administration of
PTF/MPR.  (to see Steven's Farewell Emails -
 click here) this was sent to all team members as
well as communicated to the public.   Although the team members were sad to see Steven
depart, all wished Steven the best in his future endeavors and continued the organization he
began.  MPR became officially known only as Paranormal Task Force in the fall of 2007.

The team has continued to grow over the years to include participation in future
documentaries, TV appearances, and most important of all, continuing to assist clients with
their paranormal experiences in their homes and businesses.  Educating the public, providing
assistance in raising funds for historical preservation, and continuing the research of the
paranormal has remained the primary focus areas of PTF.

As you can see, Paranormal Task Force has a long history of assisting the public.  All of which
grew from the efforts of Steven LaChance.  Out of the terror his family experienced in Union,
Missouri, came help and assistance for many others.  Steven continues to assist individuals
who are experiencing extreme haunting situation throughout the nation.  We continue to thank
Mr. LaChance for all his contributions to this team, from his founding of MPR as well as his
continued support of PTF efforts.  We continue to wish him the best.  He has authored three
books and continues to be a contributing author of short stories in many other publications.

If you would like to see more about Steven’s work and achievements, please visit his webpage  

PTF also thanks all the past members who contributed to the mission of PTF/MPR and those
who will continue this mission in the present and future.

Although there was a change in name, Paranormal Task Force evolved from Missouri
Paranormal Research which includes all past investigations and actions of MPR.  To this day,
Paranormal Task Force retains the rights and ownership of the Missouri Paranormal Research
name and continues the efforts of assisting individuals with their paranormal experiences, as
requested by Steven at the time of his departure from the team.
History of Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR) and
Paranormal Task Force (PTF)

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