PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ is the “One Stop Paranormal Resource Center” with multiple resources,
divisions and departments to meet all of your paranormal needs.

We at Paranormal Task Force are a professional team of experienced paranormal investigators and
researchers.  We combine a unique blend of humanistic values, and scientific techniques which result in a
well formulated, balanced tactical approach to paranormal investigations and research.

Along with our adherence to a strict set of protocols and standards, our methods result in superior client
satisfaction, collection of quality evidence beneficial to the overall progression of the paranormal field and in
some cases bring full closure for the client.


PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ serves its clients in three ways:

1. PTF fully addresses all of the client's needs and concerns, while respecting their privacy and beliefs.

2. PTF supports the advancement of the paranormal field through the collection of evidence, and data for
further study.

3. PTF fully respects the unknown realms we are dealing with, along with the potential dangers involved.

Through consultation and other methods, we have found that proper investigative techniques, combined with
the proper analysis can result in a mutual and peaceful co-existence between the human client(s) and their
paranormal inhabitant(s).

When this is not achievable, we consult the client about the wide range of possible solutions to meet their
needs.  The client is the one who makes the ultimate decision concerning which solution is best for them.  
Paranormal Task Force staff will never abandon our clients, and vows to stay with them until resolution to the
issue is achieved.

At Paranormal Task Force we also realize that every paranormal situation is unique and no two are exactly
alike.  As such; our full analysis, versatile techniques and abundant resources can adapt to and assist with the
complexity of any situation.  Many times a full investigation is not necessary.  In many cases interviews,
research and analysis can provide you with an explainable cause or simple solution to your predicament.

All of our investigations are done at no cost to you.  Most importantly, we understand your fears and needs,
because most of our staff has experienced or lived through such a haunting themselves.  We know what you
are experiencing and the effects it may be having upon you and your family.  We care about you, and the
potential psychological and physical dangers that you, and your family may be subjected to.  Most of all, we
respect your privacy and wishes.  At Paranormal Task Force Our clients come first!

If you need our services please contact us at:


At PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ we have developed new philosophies and concepts concerning
investigations, research and other paranormal related issues which are overlooked or ignored by the general
paranormal community.

We will be sharing these and others through a series of articles, guides and presentations on our website, as
well as through other media outlets within and outside the paranormal community.   We are also providing
basic to advanced ghost hunting workshops, classes, training, lectures and other events. We  will educate
people about the paranormal and the proper protocols, techniques, and methodology needed to research and
investigate it.

Aside from our private investigations, we have also initiated a system of open field investigations involving
better known public hauntings, urban legends, and other not so well known places.  These will provide
extensive opportunities for new and even experienced investigators to receive field training, further practice
their techniques, and allow a sharing and learning environment for all.  


PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ welcomes skeptics and non-believers alike.  They are important to the
advancement of our field.  Who better than a skeptic to offer possible explanations for anomalies captured on
film and audio or for other potential collected evidence and data?

PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ appreciates and values input from this other side of the fence.  In order to
conduct proper analysis and validation of evidence, the researcher or investigator first has to rule out all
"explainable" causes through a series of methods to recreate the anomaly. The skeptical mind is, many times,
the most important factor in this process.

PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ is proud to have been recently voted as the number two paranormal
investigative and research team in the United States for 2009/2010 by the millions of viewers of Haunted  
America Tours -  We at PTF Thank YOU and all of the other individuals within
and outside the Paranormal Community who have made this possible.   
"St. Louis' Own - Nationally Known"
"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"
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