Zombie Road…a real life dark forest where the battle between good and evil gets played out on a
nightly basis.  “Legacy of Shadows” is a documentary movie based on this paranormal hotspot, but
this story is not even included in that film.  It’s New Year’s Eve, 1977, and twilight reaches out with it’s
cold, dark hand.  Snow has been falling peacefully to the ground since early that morning.  A young
lady who lives in the last house still standing on Zombie Road prepares for an evening out with
friends.  She is excited about the party she is going to.  She hopes to be in the arms of a young man
when the clock strikes midnight.  She is a petite blonde whose flowered ankle tattoo belies her fiery
attitude.  She wipes the condensation from the shower off of her bathroom mirror, and begins to apply
the heavy eyeliner, which makes her blue eyes twinkle to the beholder.  She is, as most of us are,
caught up in her own vanity.  

Her world is warm and bright, but the cruelty and torment of darkness lies just beyond the glow of the
bathroom light.  She catches a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye.  It comes from the
frosted bathroom window just a couple of feet away.  Her eyes adjust but she is frozen with fear.  
Breath rhythmically condenses on the glass and she can make out a pale face devoid of any features.  
She screams with enough intensity to wake the dead, if they weren’t already awake.  Her brother and
his friend burst in to find her huddled in a mass on the floor.  The face outside remains motionless
and the boys don’t even notice.  

They ask her what happened, and she struggles to point a trembling finger, French tip still intact, at
the window.  The boys’ temper ignites instantly, and they rush out to punish the intruder.  The girls
brother picks up a loose brick from the front patio as they streak around the side of the large ranch
style home.  As they round the house, blinded by rage, they see a  meager, decrepit, old man.  They
rush towards him, but he is unmoved as the boy stops just inches away from plunging the brick into
his temple.  The old man just stares into the light of the window, as though he had found what he was
searching for.  The boys scream but he remains motionless, steadfast, like a zombie.  

Confused and bewildered, the now alarmed young men decide to go back in the house and call 911…  
After a couple minutes on the phone with a skeptical operator, they get the courage to check the
window, but the figure is gone.  The boys get a deer rifle and check the around the house, as the
young lady is still ruined with fear.  Amazed, the boys realize that the man left no tracks to or from the
window.  Their tracks litter the area, but a solid white blanket covered the rest of the property.  
Baffled, they go back inside, thankful that the girl was only scared half to death …
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