The Union Haunting EVP

The following EVP's are from different areas of the Union House.  Greg Myers an Co-Administrator of
MPR, captured all of the below EVP's.  Many of these EVP's were also examined and authenticated by
Todd Bates of Haunted Voices.  MPR urges anyone with an interest in EVP please take the time to
check out Greg's EVP Analysis Page here on the MPR site.  MPR also highly recommends visiting Todd
Bates Haunted Voices site at

Some of the EVP's may require you to turn the volume settings up on your computer.  Windows Media
users, turn on your WOW settings.
As promised on the Magick Mind Paranormal Radio Show Marathon on February 16, 2007, here is the
Union Haunting EVP mix which you can download and listen to.  This is a mix of captured EVP from the
Union Haunting along with a bit of real human clips from some of the investigations.  Just click on the
"Play Audio" button below to play or right click to save on your PC.  

                        Version 1                                                                          Version 2

The following EVP Segments were captured on 08/20/2005 (Between 10:00 p.m.
and 11:00 p.m.) in the basement area of the house.  It is also noted that during this
period the temperature became much warmer for no explainable reason and a
strong feeling of heaviness was felt in the atmosphere.

1.  08-20-05 Segment 4 Clip 2 - Steven is asking "Do you know a Henry?"  There is a male answer of a
possible "No"   Also, validated by Todd Bates of Haunted Voices (Class A EVP at 46.87 Hz)

2.  08-20-05 Segment 5 Clip 1 - There was no question asked, as Steven was remarking about seeing
shadow movement  when the camera flash illuminated the area.  There was a voice captured saying
something sounding like "Hai-Ley .. come".   (Class B EVP well under 300 Hz)

3.  08-20-05 - Segment 6 Clip 1 - Steven is stating "These people are O.K ... you can talk to them..." .  An
answer of "Please Help" was captured.  Also, validated by Todd Bates of Haunted Voices (Class C at
31.25 Hz)

4.  08-20-05 - Segment 6 Clip 2 - While Greg was explaining the recorder, light and for them to talk into
it, this male voice saying "It's Frank Bureak/Burak" then again saying "Frank" was captured.
(Class C EVP exceeding the 300 Hz level with a hi level of 800 Hz)

5.  08-20-05 Segment 8 Clip 1 - Steven is asking "Is the basement thing here?"   A female voice is
captured answering "Yes".  (Class B EVP under 300 Hz)

This next set of EVP Segments were captured on 08/21/2005 (Between 12:45 a.m.
and 1:15 a.m.) in Breezeway Area of the house on the second floor.  It was noted
that Greg smelled a foul sulphur like odor prior to and during these segments and
a paranormal audible growl with his ears.

1.  08-21-05 Segment 9 Clip 1 - Greg is asking "Can you tell me why are you on the roof?"  A male voice
of "No" or "Tomorrow" was captured.  Also validated by Todd Bates of Haunted Voices (Class A at
93.75 (lo) Hz & 515.6 (hi) Hz)

2.    08-21-05 - Segment 10 Clip 1 -  Greg is asking "Is the little boy with you?"   A male voice is
captured saying "What Boy" forward reversed it is saying "He's all grown up".  Also validated by Todd
Bates of Haunted Voices (Class C-XB at 31.25 Hz)




3.   08-21-05 - Segment 10 Clip 2 - Greg is asking "Do you like the little boy?"  A male voice responds
saying "I ... I like the little boy ...."  (Class B EVP)

4.  08-21-05 - Segment 11 Clip 1 - Greg is  stating "O.K. I started it back up.", referring to the recorder.
An answer possibly repeating part of what was said was captured.  (Class C EVP)

5.  08-20-05 - Segment 12 Clip 1 - Greg is stating " ... Silver box in my hand with the blinking light".  
Another answer again repeating partially what was said was captured.  (Class B EVP)

This next EVP was captured on 08/27/05 (About 8:40 p.m.) outside of the house in
the side yard near the fence.  I will note that a very floral fragrant smell was
observed by me at this time.

1.  08-27-05 - Segment 5 Clip 2 - Greg was recording some notes concerning this session on the
recorder.  A clear female voice was captured stating "It's Alright".  (Class A well below 300 Hz)

This next EVP was captured on 08/27/2005 (Between 8:45 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.) in
the basement of the house.

1.  08-27-05 - Segment 6 Clip 2 - Greg and Judy were just entering the basement and briefly talking.
A voice was captured and in forward sounds like it is saying "Hey-Ley ...they would/wouldn't let
me         go home ..."  (Class B-XB EVP)


What is more interesting is that when reversed it sounds like two voices and more clear that
what         it was in forward and a possible residual of an event.  This reverse of the above sounds like
it is          saying "Hey Louie .... I can't..... Do you want/need me to get help."


These next EVP Segments were captured on 08/27/2005 (Between 9:30 p.m. and
10:00 p.m.) outside the house near the front porch.

1.  08-27-05 - Segment 10 Clip 1 - Greg is asking "Our little girls name is Olivia, what is yours?"  A
female voice is captured saying "Move On" or "The One"  with a reverse of "Mel" or  
"Melody/Melonie". Also validated by Todd Bates of Haunted Voices (Class B-XB at 140.6 Hz)

It was later noted that there were more voices on this segment after the above noted one.
Another  female voice was captured saying "Move on"  then a male voice saying a word
ending with an "L" following the main part of this clip.




2.  08/27/05 - Segment 11 Clip 1 - Judy is asking "Could you tell me your name?" A female voice
answers saying something then "Move On".  Phil from Haunted voices also verified this EVP but
thinks the voice is saying "Jonah" as the answer.

3.  08/27/05 - Segment 11 Clip 3 - Judy is asking "Can you tell me Why are you here?  There is a female
answer saying "His point of view is distracted" then in reverse is saying "Why don't you go find me?"
Also validated by Todd Bates of Haunted Voices.  (Class B-XB at 187.4 Hz (low) 259.6 Hz (hi))



In this version a missed voice right after the question and before the above ones can be heard.  It
sounds like a female saying:  "You could come back if you want me".

This EVP was captured on 09/03/2005 (Between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.) in the
living room.

1.  09/03/05 - Segment 4 Clip 1 - There was just a general discussion about EVP strategy for the night.
What sounds like Two toots of a saxophone or musical instrument was captured.  Well within EVP
range with no explainable cause.

These next EVP Segments were captured on 09/03/2005 (Between 10:00 p.m. and
10:30 p.m.) outside of the house in alley area near to where some believe a Portal

1.  09/03/05 - Segment 11 Clip 1 - Greg is asking "Do you have any last orders for us to do?"  There is a
male voice stating "Yes I do".  (Class C EVP)

2.  09/03/05 - Segment 11 Clip 3 - Greg is asking "Can we please ask you a few questions sir?"  The
same male voice is possibly saying "No can do".  (Class C EVP)

This next possible EVP was captured on 09/10/03 (About 11:00 p.m.) in the
breezeway area on the second floor.

1.  09/10/05 - Segment 16 Clip 1 (Too controversial and above Hz level, but interesting)
Greg is stating "You're not up here are you?"  We think a male voice is saying "You're a damn fool ...
get out".  Phil from Haunted Voices leveled this at 1600 + Hz and thought it
said: "Fear of Death?" then "Fear this one followed/underlayed by a female voice of "No".

* Note this is very controversial as there was music playing in a room adjacent to the breezway with people in it.  However, the
voice captured was not from the music or from the children in the adjacent room.

This EVP was captured on 09/10/03 (About Midnight) outside in the back area of
the side yard

1.  09/10/05 - Segment 28 Clip 1 - Greg was allowing the recorder to record and just noting noises.   
There is a male voice captured which sounds like he is saying "Take the supplies to the nursing
home".  (Class C EVP)                 
Union House EVP's
8/20/2005 - 9/10/2005

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