Private Residence  - Investigation of October 31, 2006 - 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

In attendance were Steven, Elliot, Greg, Tom, Tim and his daughter Ginny, Theresa, Sandy and Sona
Steve & DC along with their crew and
the residents of the home at this location.  

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. was
clear to partly cloudy, winds from the North/Nowth West 10 to 17 mph, temperatures started at 47
degrees Fahrenheit and dropped to 44 degrees Fahrenheit , dew point ranged from 42 down to 39
for the duration of this investigation, barometric pressure ranged from 29.77 rising to 29.86 during
this investigation. Relative Humidity Ranged from 86% dropping  to 82%.

Lunar data was a Waxing Crescent Moon at approximately 30 percent Full. Solar X-Rays were normal
and the Geomagnetic Field was Quiet.

This is a historic area dating back with a rich history back to the Civil War and beyond.  During the
Civil War this area of Missouri was called Dry Branch and was a train depot of sorts for the
transportation of troops, cattle and goods.  

Dr. Fisher, who treated wounded soldiers transported by train use to reside on this specific
property.  His house stood within a few hundred feet East of the current home of the client in this
investigation.  Dr. Fisher's house was eventually dismantled within the past 20 years with the wood
and ruins scatted upon the lot which were recently removed.  

Also another older home once stood near the exact spot that the client's current home now sits.  
This house caught fire about 20 to 25 years ago and burnt to the ground.  In about 1984 to 1985 a
basement was dug at this location and a new mobile home was brought onto the property.  An
exterior brick wall was erected around the mobile home with a very large front porch as well.

According to the client, a nearby neighbor has researched some of the history of the properties in
this immediate location and has also seen the property platte maps as well which shows that a
"reclaim" cemetery sat very close and possibly overlapped where the current house sits now and
extended South to common ground located behind the client's property.

It also appears that Gypsies located to this area in the early 1970's.  

The Franklin County Court House is in process of relocating and it may be some time before the
MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH researchers can further investigate the documented history of
this location.

The current clients moved into this home in 1996 and first started to experience hearing the sound
of boots walking on a wood plank floor in their hallway right around Thanksgiving of that year.  Soon
afterwards that sound extended from the hallway and sometimes came up to or followed others in
the home at random times of the day and night.  This unexplainable walking sound then started to
sometimes include sounds of the front door opening and closing.  Other random events occur such
as the noise of a wood box being drug in the basement, the sound of kitchen chairs sliding across
the floor, the sound of the kitchen cabinets opening and closing and electronic equipment turning
off and on.

One of the occupants in the past was awaken in the middle of the night and saw a large man with a
blue coat and big brass buttons standing in the doorway of the bathroom attached to the master
bedroom. Sometimes an other occupant will be outside and witness human like figures approaching
them from the house which will dissipate into thin air during the day.   Other guest and visitors of
this home have also had random experiences of the odd noises as well.  The sister of the client was
sitting in the living room one time socializing with he rest of the family during the summer when she
became very cold, at this time a candle burning on a nearby table had its flame flicker and started to
blow in one direction without no wind or breeze present.  This sister also at one time in the past
walked into the hallway and witnessed a human like male figure which disappeared before her
A child under the age of 10 in the home has been witnessing people unseen to others since the age
of two.  This child has described seeing about 7 or 8 different people in the home which are unseen
to others.  These descriptions include a man with boots, a lady in a white nightgown and others.  It
appears that only one of these people unseen to others has actually communicated to the child
over the years.  This child also describes these people as "flipper walking" like characters on the
Cartoon "Sponge Bob" when asked about their movement.  The activity has heightened enough in
the child's bedroom, bathroom and hallway that they now sleep with the parents in the master

A brief history of occupants of this home prior to 1996, when the current occupants moved in,
shows that the husband in the past family died in the master bedroom of this home.  The occupants
prior to this also reported to neighbors experiences of their five year old child at that time waking
up in the middle of the night screaming and stating they saw a big man with no face and/or bloody
face in his room.

The clients also report that the activity is more active in the fall season escalating right after labor
Day and subsiding soon after Christmas or New Years.  This haunting cycle has also effected one or
more people int he household as well during this period causing mood, emotional and other
personal changes in behavior.  

Brought by Greg; Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter, La Crosse IR-101 Infra-Scan IR Thermometer,
Russian DRSB-01 & DRSB-88 Radiation Dosimeters, Panasonic RR-US360 IC Recorder, Sony
DSC-F828 8.0 Mega pixel Digital Still Camera (Cybershot), Sony CCD-TRV-98 Camcorder with 17 hour
battery, Sony HVL-IRM IR Light for above cameras, Radio Shack motion sensor alarm, ghost
catchers/wind chimes and an Engineer Directional Compass (Standard Magnetic Type)

Other various video recorders and digital/film cameras were brought by other team members as

MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH investigators and the Steve and DC Morning Show Crew
arrived at his location prior to Midnight to get equipment set up for the live Steve and DC 2006
Halloween Show broadcasting from this site from 12 to 2 a.m.  A tour of the property was conducted
and interviews of the clients, friends and family were completed prior to the broadcast.

Video and other equipment focused on the outside area including the play house which had the
bulk of the activity on the last investigation.  A one to two hour lock down of the playhouse was
conducted with a video camera and Radiation Dosimeter placed inside.  Other cameras were placed
outside to film the area containing the reclaim cemetery located in the rear of the residence.

The broadcast of the live show concluded at 2 a.m .with further investigation continuing until
approximately 3 a.m. when everyone departed from the location.

1. Unexplainable cold spots were experienced by investigators and radio show staff on the first
floor and basement of the residence.

2. Unexplainable battery drainage and equipment malfunctions occurred during this investigation
again this time including the broadcast and audio equipment of the Steve and DC Show.  The
equipment experiencing malfunctions operated normally the following day after being removed
from this location.

3. Jack, a child residing at this location was pushed down by unseen forces outside near a tree he
was telling the Radio Show he saw a female hanging.  When the radio show crew approached the
location their full array of equipment malfunctioned for a short duration.  It was noted that the
equipment worked fine when about 100 feet away from the home and base set up of the show and
the location where Jack was pushed down was closer to the home at about 25 feet away.

4. Empathic ill feelings were experienced by sensitive investigators present.

5. Some people present were touched by unseen forces.

6. Shortly after Jack was describing how the spirits there like to take energy from flames which
makes the flames flicker or go out, the flames in the wood burning stove flickered and diminished
to nothing!

7. Also, when Jack was asked how old the main Civil War spirit he calls "Alex" was he quickly
responded 159 years old on the live broadcast.  When you do the math, then this spirit would have
been born around 1847 placing him about 14 to 18 during the Civil War.  Jack has always described
this spirit as being a person who was not a child or an adult but like a teenager or in between.

Several digital pictures, approximately 6 to 8 hours of video and 1 to 2 hours of audio were
collected during the investigation.  All collected video, pictures and audio are in need of further
analysis to determine potential evidence.

Preliminary Analysis

One notable picture was captured and no notable audio was captured.  

Another follow up investigation was conducted on 11/18/2006.  

With giving consideration to the unexplainable experiences and evidence collected during all
investigations coupled with unexplainable knowledge displayed by the child resident at this
location, Missouri Paranormal Research believes that there is some form of paranormal activity
happening at this location.  However, the level of activity is very infrequent and more so focused
upon this child resident with his displays of factual knowledge concerning the past history of this
property and other facts verified through research.  This would indicate that this child resident is
much more sensitive and/or gifted with abilities within the psychic and clairvoyant realms which
would explain why such activity and knowledge is achieved at much greater frequencies that others
living and/or visiting this location.

The family has since moved from this location, and although the child still experiences
unexplainable activity and knowledge, it is not as frequent in nature.  It is also noted that since
moving the child's experiences and knowledge are different than those experienced at this
location investigated.

Gregory Myers, President
History and Profile of Home and Property
Human Experiences and Oddities
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence
Haunting History & Information


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