08/12/2006, 08/19/2006 & 09/23/06
Here are some photographs captured by Tom on this investigation on 08/12/2006
Bathroom mist anomaly with after shot.  Tom witnessed this with his own
eyes dissapating quickly.  If just a few seconds earlier.
Second Floor anomaly with after shot.  When I first was this on the camera
I though possible white washing from the reflection of the flash. After
seeing iton the PC, this can be ruled out.
Here is a video clip of Greg's door incident from 08/12/2006.  Note Greg
thought Tom was trying to open the door while Terry was setting up the IR
emitter and make adjustments to the camera.  However, you will see Tom
left after the door was first shut and he went to the bathroom on the first
floor.  What was trying to open the door?
Here is an spectacular video capture from 08/19/2006 at about 12:00 a.m. when Tom used
his Digital Cannon S1 IS 5 megapixel camera operated in video mode on a tripod in the
"medium" setting (15 frames per second) to get a longer recording in the basement of this
facility.  There was a nearby overhead incandescent light fixture with a 60 watt bulb that
was on to provide light.  We are still in process of analysing this video capture along with a
nearby Sony Video Camera with night shot utilizing an IR extender which may have cross
covered part of this same area without distinctively capturing the same anomaly.  This may
later also prove a theory we have had concerning IR Night shot possibly not capturing
certain anomalies. Upon further analysis, the Sondy with night shot did not cross cover any
of the same area and in fact was pointing away from that area.

Below are the frame grabs from this video for your viewing pleasure.  You can click on
them for a larger size version.  This anomaly seems to refract the blue light possibly from
the overhead incandescent light's spectrum as it seems to fill out with more blue the
closer it gets to it then starts fading out after passing it.
Here is another notable event from the 08/19/2006 follow up captured by Terry.  This was
captured while Terry placed his digital still camera on interval settings to take a picture
every 60 seconds.  Every frame was the same until the 78th one when the debris on the
floor was drastically moved and rearranged bu an unseen force.  There is no winds in this
part of the buildings nor open windows or doors.  The basement was secured with motion
detectors and video cameras were operating in other distant parts of the basement.  Terry
took the before and after photos to make a small movie so the movement of debris is more
noticeable.  The actual still pics will also be posted here soon.  
Here are some more preliminary video clips from the 8/19/06 follow-up investigation.  These
are all from the basement when Greg, Terry, Tom and the owners brother Shane were
investigating.  These were all captured by Terry!

These are large AVI files and will take some time to load in or download.

1. This first one is the video from when the light bulb came over our heads through the air
for about 50 feet at 2:18 a.m. and crashed to the floor.  The button next to that will play the
video of the debris from that crash.

2. This next one was captured at 2:26 a.m.  Note the anomalous shadow moving in the back
ground far away!  We have to analyze this further.

-  Here is an enhanced and zoomed version of the shadow anomaly captured above by
Here is an anomalous picture (look in the door) captured by Tim while waiting for the rest of
the MPR team to show up at the investigative site on 09/23/2006.  The building was
completely locked up and no one was inside.  The full picture and a cropped enhancement
are provided below.  Click on them for a larger viewable size.
Here is a segment of video captured by Tom on the 09/23/06 follow up multi team
investigation in the same bathroom in which the mist like anomaly was captured on the
08/12/06 investigation.  We are still reviewing the full segment in which this clip came from
to ensure there was no human involvement.  However, with the camera position in relation
to the entry door it would have been about impossible for an actual human to cause this.
The Below photograph was captured on the 09/23/2006 investigation in the basement of
this establishment at 1:04 a.m. by Tom of MPR. At first we thought this may be some form of
flaring.  We still can not fully rule out flaring of some sort for an explainable cause, but this
is the first time we have encountered such an anomaly indoors away from sunlight.  This
photograph is still under analysis.  This cas captured with a 1/90 shutter speed, 6.7 f-stop
with an ISO of 800.

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