Tom Halstead Memorial

It is with the greatest sadness that we have to regretfully announce the loss of Paranormal Task Force founding member Tom
Halstead.  He was taken from us too early and suddenly (on February 14, 2013) from our side of the veil.  Tom was a great
friend, musician and photographer to all.  He was also a humble paranormal enthusiast who became a paranormal legend.

His special gift with the paranormal resulted in some of the best photographic and video captures of all time.  Tom was
featured  in the paranormal documentary “Children of the Grave” seen on SyFy and Chiller and on the show “Fact or Faked:
Paranormal Files” in the episode “Truck Stop Terror” seen on SyFy.  He also was featured in various documentaries “The
Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist”, “The Other Side: Giving up the Ghost”, “Legacy of Shadows: The Legend of
Zombie Road” and others released on DVD.  His paranormal captures have been featured in many books, newspapers, on Fox
2 News in St. Louis, Missouri and even on the Maury Povich show.  He also filmed and produced his own paranormal
documentaries as well.

Tom will be missed by many, but will still forever be with us all through his talented music, magnificent photography and his
many paranormal captures.  He was a part of our paranormal family here at PTF and we will miss him dearly.  Our condolences
go out to his mother, siblings, relatives, friends, fans and everyone who has had the pleasure to meet him in person.
Never Forgotten ... Forever Loved

In Loving Memory of Tom Halstead (Almost Full) by f738567847
Tom Halstead
July 14, 1968 - February 14, 2013

This is Tom's very first paranormal photographic capture.  He was remodeling the
basement at his mothers house which included replacing the hot water heater.  He
always took before and after pictures when doing such work.  This was a before
picture and he didn't look at it until some time later and then noticed the figure of
what looks like an old fashioned doctor holding a medical bag.  

Needless to say this was very perplexing to him and sparked his interest in the
paranormal!  This was his first in many others that followed making him a legend and
icon in the paranormal community and beyond!
Zombie Road ... A Place Tom Called Home!
Tom Halstead - Investigator - Paranormal Photographer

Haunted America Tours 20 Questions:  CLICK HERE

Tom is an outstanding photographer who has been operating his own business for over five years who
also has a knack for telling the stories behind the pictures he takes.  Although he  has a wealth of
paranormal pictures and videos to his credit, he is quick to point out how many thousands of shots he
has taken to get these paranormal gems.   He is a seasoned photographer, and photo analyst, who has
a gift for "normal" photography as well.   Tom is also a very talented musician as well with the release
of two musical compilations under the band name of SHOCK SESSION™ and recently more under the
name of Agent Dark™.

Tom  has experienced paranormal activity since being a young child.  He has always just figured such
activity has been common place and something that people just get use to.  He has witnessed
everything from the mundane, to the demonic. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and "seeing is
believing" are two statements that describe what Tom brings to PTF, and our clients.  His value runs
deeper than just as "the" paranormal photographer, his wealth of experience and his adherence to a
strict set of standards also benefits both PTF and the clients we serve.  His gifted ability to be at the
right place at the right time for capturing paranormal evidence also benefits the entire paranormal
community as well.

Tom was already a well seasoned paranormal investigator and photographer with another local
paranormal investigative and research team, MISSOURI GHOST & HAUNTS
, before joining MISSOURI
in 2005 and a Co-Founder of PARANORMAL TASK FORCE in 2006 and
Director in 2007.  

Tom has been a featured guest on radio stations and in other media formats abroad and completed
filming in 2007 with Keith Age and The Booth Brothers for "Children of the Grave" which was released
October 2, 2007 on DVD and aired on the SciFi (now SyFy) Network in 2008 and also finished filming and
assisting behind the camera for another Booth Brothers (Spooked Television Releasing) production
titled "The Haunted Boy" which was released on DVD in 2010 and will air sometime in the near future.   
He also was filmed and featured in the Exspiro Productions documentary "The Other Side" which was
released in 2007.  Tom served as director of photography and is featured in "Legacy of Shadows ... The
Legend of Zombie Road" which was released on DVD New Years Day 2010.  Tom also appeared in the
SyFy show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" in the segment "Truck Stop Terror" which aired in 2012.

was the proud recipient of the "Best Ghost Evidence of 2006"
award presented at the 2007 Ghost World Conference in Gettysburg, PA due to Tom's Waverly Hills
Sanatorium photographic capture of an entity!

If you are in need of professional photography services for your special event, self or anything else
them please contact Tom at his email address for further information.
Tom's Paranormal Task Force (PTF) Bio.

Paranormal Task Force was contacted about putting together some form of paranormal exhibit for the Arts Council of Southeast
Missouri. At first we were reluctant as such a request seemed out of our league. However, it came to us that this would be a
very good way to memorialize Tom Halstead (1968 - 2013), our team member that we unexpectedly suddenly loss in February of
this year.  

"HAUNTED IMAGES - Through the lens of Tom Halstead" ...

Premiered on October 4, 2013 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri's Gallery located at 32
North Main Street. It will be hosted at the gallery until October 26. Viewing times are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through
Saturday (they are closed Sundays and Mondays) Admittance is free!

There will also be a donation container at this exhibit to raise money for the "Tom Halstead Memorial Bench Fund" so that a
memorial bench with a plaque can be installed in the Rock Hollow & Al Foster Trail Area in Wildwood, MO (a.k.a. Zombie Road).
This was Tom's favorite area where he spent much time taking spectacular scenic day time photographs along with exploring
the paranormal. Anyone that knows Tom, would know he would love such being done in his name at this location!

Also, at the exhibit will be a QR code (and URL) for those attending to enter into their mobile device to view the special "Virtual
Exhibit Companion" that will give further details about the exhibit contents!

More information can be found at:

For those who can not attend and want to assist with the "Tom Halstead Memorial Bench Fund", then you can go to and select from various paranormal and non-paranormal photographs to
purchase with all proceeds going to this special fund.  You can also just donate to this fund via this link as well without making
a purchase.
Through the Lens of Tom Halstead

Exhibit hosted by the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri
October 4 through 26, 2013
Memorial Video by Angie Clouse

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