Located in historic Florissant, Missouri, the Taille de Noyer House was investigated on Saturday,
March 27, 2010, from approximately 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM.  Investigators in attendance were Greg,
Sandy, Jay, Tom, Jeremy, and Matt W.  A film crew from the City of Florissant Public Access Channel
was also present.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM were
overcast with winds from the east to southeast at 13 m.p.h.  Temperature at the beginning of the
investigation was 58 degrees Fahrenheit and dropped to 54 degrees Fahrenheit by the conclusion of
the investigation.  Dew point varied from 44 to 46.  Barometric pressure held steady at 29.95
throughout the investigation.  Relative humidity was 65% to 70%.  Lunar data indicated a Waxing
Gibbous Moon at 92% full.  Solar x-rays were normal and the geomagnetic field was quiet.

Taille de Noyer is a last reminder of the country life of the early nineteenth century.  The original cabin
was given by Mullanphy to his daughter, Jane, and her husband, Charles Chambers, in 1817, to lure
them back from New York after their marriage.  They began expanding the house in 1819 and took up
residence in 1820. Their house, a bit more pretentious than the original cabin, was furnished almost
completely with family heirlooms.

The Chambers had 17 children, and Taille de Noyer grew with the family until it became a stately
mansion of 22 rooms, each with beautiful fireplaces of brick probably made at the site. Another major
addition was a summer kitchen near the main house, a favorite gathering place for the Chambers'

One hundred and forty years of continuous occupancy by heirs of John Mullanphy ended late in 1960
when the property was acquired by the Ferguson-Florissant School District for expansion of McCluer
High School. While the summer kitchen and terrace of hand-made brick were sacrificed, the Florissant
Historical Society arranged for preservation of the historic home and raised funds to move the
structure 200 yards to a new location.

Members of the Historical Society, enraptured by the beauty and rich lore about the house, began
restoration with limited funds and donations of time and materials from labor groups, civic
organizations, local business interests as well as school children.

Two bedrooms upstairs and two rooms in the newer wing downstairs were opened to the public in
December, 1965. A year later two additional bedrooms and a nursery were restored and furnished.
Restoring an historic building is a continuous and never ending project. Even after all the rooms are
open to the public, the process of refurnishing and acquiring will continue for generations to come. A
museum and country store was established in the basement where rough-hewn original logs are
visible to visitors.

For more information, take a tour or to help support this location and the Florissant Valley Historical
Society then please visit:

http://www.florissantoldtown.com/tailledenoyer.shtml - Please help support this
society in preserving history for our future generations!

Report of paranormal activity includes disembodied footsteps and voices and figures looking out of
the downstairs windows.  One former member of the Florissant Valley Historical Society claims to have
seen the apparition of a woman in a first floor bedroom.

The investigation began at approximately 6:30 PM and ended at approximately 11:00 PM on Saturday,
March 27, 2010.  

There were strange hits on an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter in an upstairs bedroom, at times it
seemed to be answering directly to the questions which were being asked by a Historical Society
member.  No explainable causes could be found.

Unexplained footsteps were heard behind an investigator.  These may have been caused by
movement on the second floor.

Notable audio was captured.  Location: Second Floor Bedroom with the fireplace and where a rosary
hangs on the headboard of the bed.

8:47 p.m. – Captured in the Taille de Noyer House upstairs bedroom with the fireplace and a rosary
hanging on headboard of the bed.  You will hear Greg say “Trying to make it dark in parts and check
…. Oh a rosary” then afterwards you will hear the disembodied voice.

Class C EVP that is “Unintelligible”

The combination of human experiences, collected data from equipment and an unexplainable audio
clip indicate that there is a good probability that paranormal activity is present at this location.  
However, the collection of further data for analysis through subsequent investigations is highly
recommended to further substantiate such.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
March 27, 2010 - Florissant, MO
of the Historic Taille De Noyer House - Florissant, MO
History and Profile of Location
Haunting History
Human Experiences and Equipment Oddities
Resulting Evidence

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