Meramec Manor - Investigation of May 24, 2008

Meramec Manor - Investigation of May 24, 2008 - 6:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. - In attendance were Greg,
Terry, Tom, Sandy, Jim and Investigator X from PARANORMAL TASK FORCE. Also in attendance were
the property owners and some of their immediate family.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time-period of 6:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. were partly
cloudy to cloudy, with winds from the east at 6 to 10 m.p.h. Temperature at start was 67 degrees
Fahrenheit and dropped to 60 degrees Fahrenheit by 2:30 a.m. Dew point varied from 55 to 56.
Barometric pressure ranged from 30.04 rising to 30.06 at midnight then dropped to 30.02 by 2:30 a.m.
Relative Humidity was 65% rising to 83%. Lunar data showed a Waning Gibbous Moon at approximately
77 percent full. Solar x-rays were normal and the geomagnetic field was quiet.

This magnificent home built in the early 1900’s, sits on approximately four acres of bluff-top land. It is
located in Jefferson County, Missouri . The home is Tudor Style brick with a slate roof and is very
large with ten rooms on three floors consisting of a basement, main level, and an attic. The attic was
remodeled into a master suite in 1989. In the 1950’s, the home was once the residence of Dr. Robert
Mauer and his wife, Elizabeth. They named the residence “Meramec Manor” after the river which
borders the property on the bluffs below.

Meramec Manor is located down river from the site of the famous Biltmore Club. The Biltmore opened
its doors in 1929 as a casino for the elite but carried a notorious reputation of being a “speak easy”
operated by friends of well-known gangsters. It was raided often and is rumored to have been
frequented by famous gangster, Al Capone. At one time, the Biltmore was owned by Capone’s friend
Harry E. Belford (a.k.a. Hickory Slim). Belford testified in Al Capone’s defense during the famous tax
fraud trial that sent Capone to prison. The Biltmore conducted shady operations until 1939 when its
doors were closed. In 1951, it reopened as a supper club and later, a nightclub catering to a younger
crowd. In 1979, the Biltmore was destroyed by fire.  It has been rumored that, because of the close
proximity to the Biltmore, Meramec Manor may have served as a brothel and an illegal distillery at one

This area is enriched with a very significant Native American history involving the Osage and several
other historical tribes.

Past and current owners have reported seeing the “spirit” of a small Scottish Terrier dog run through
the dining and adjacent hallway areas on multiple occasions. Even visitors to the home have
witnessed this regularly occurring phenomenon. It has also been reported that the spirit of a female
wearing a white dress has been encountered on occasion in the hallway on the main floor.
Unexplainable shadows have been reported in the bathroom and, in past years, the spirit of a Native
American male wearing full regalia dress was seen in the basement.

Frequently, objects have been heard falling in the home but upon investigation, nothing was found to
be disturbed. However, in the attic master bedroom area, objects have toppled and fell to the floor for
no apparent reason. On one occasion, a reported sighting of what was described as the “Grim
Reaper” was seen outside the home.

The objective in this case for the client’s specific needs is to gather tangible (remarkable) evidence
to validate the client’s past and current experiences in order to substantiate the existence of
paranormal activity or a haunting at this specific location.

For this investigation various video recorders, some with infra red extenders and night shot
capabilities, were used. Various digital still cameras, EMF meters, voice recorders, IR Thermometers,
motion detectors, laser trip wires and radiation detectors were also utilized throughout this
investigation. Also used, was a digital infrared night scope system in conjunction with a high-
definition camcorder.

Those in attendance met at approximately 6 p.m. at this location. A lock down removing all human and
animal elements was conducted from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. to utilize passive techniques for video and
audio collection. Various interactive investigative techniques were used before and after that period
as well. The investigation ended at approximately 2:30 a.m. and all attendees returned home.

Various odd and unexplainable experiences of investigators and attendees included:

1. Investigators heard an unexplainable barking noise come from inside the home during the “lock
down” period.  No living animals were in the home at the time.

2.  An investigator felt odd, and became disoriented and dizzy in the main floor hallway during the
initial tour.   

3. Some investigators experienced a pronounced feeling of heaviness and thickness in the air
around the bathroom area.

4. Unexplainable moving cold spots with sudden temperature drops of 8 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit
were experienced in the back areas of the basement (near an old walk in cooler and tool area). A
moving visual anomaly was also seen by an investigator in this area.

Photographs – There were three (3) remarkable photographs captured. (See: attached Photographic
Evidence Summary)

Audio (EVP) – There were thirteen (13) classifiable EVP segments extracted from the Audio. (See:
attached EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena Summary)

Video – There are various segments on collected video which contain odd noises such as bangs,
something being pushed and other similar sounds.  Also, several video segments contain audible and
visual indication from a tri-field natural electro-magnetic field meter that there were multiple
increases and spikes in the levels of natural electro-magnetic fields within the first floor hallway area
near the bathroom and doorway leading to the second floor.  With the Earth’s geomagnetic fields
being quiet on this night and coupled with a lack of solar activity then these increased levels of
natural electro magnetic fields become more remarkable and possibly caused by paranormal activity
within that area.  

Based on our findings, there appears to be unexplainable activity occurring at the location that is
paranormal in nature. Remarkable evidence collected that substantiates such activity includes
photographs, audio, data collected from various equipment, and experiences of investigators.

However, further follow up investigations are highly recommended. Such would be very beneficial
and allow the further collection of data and evidence for analysis in hope of determining the specific
haunting nature of this very interesting case.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
Report Completed August 23, 2008
History and Profile of Property
Haunting History
Human Experiences and Oddities
Resulting Evidence

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