OCTOBER 30 & 31, 2008

Paranormal Task Force teamed up with KZZK 105.9 FM "The Grizz" - - broadcasting
out of Quincy, Illinois and Lula Belle's located in Hannibal, MO for an overnight investigation and a
live Halloween broadcast.

Located at 111 Bird Street in Hannibal, Missouri this establishment has a long and somewhat
infamous history. Built in 1917 by an enterprising madam from Chicago named Sarah Smith, it was
the only bordello specifically designed and constructed for its intended purpose.

Prostitution, gambling, & intemperance were all in fashion during the 20’s and 30’s, & Sarah’s
business flourished. On the occasion of Sarah Smith’s death in 1932, another renowned madam,
Bessie Heolscher, bought and refurbished the bordello in a lavish Spanish motif; very popular
during that period. Like the madam herself, “the girls” were reputed to have been highly respected
citizens; purchasing quality goods, paying their bills on time, and using discretion with their
clientele. Prominent businessmen, railroaders, and travelers were just a few of an interesting
mix of customers.

In the early 50’s, the brothel came under heavy attack by local ministers intent on closing it.
Frequent police raids resulted in the closing in the late 50’s

This historic establishment and jewel of Hannibal is now owned by Mike and Pam Ginsberg who
operate a top notch Restaurant and a Bed & Breakfast out of this building.  LulaBelle's Restaurant
offers the finest in dining experiences with exquisite gourmet food and tantalizing selection of
wine.  The Bed & Breakfast offers six elegant rooms on the upper floor adorned with heart-shaped
whirlpool bathtubs, queen-sized beds and a view of the Mississippi River at a steal of a price for an
overnight or weekend getaway!

Mike and Pam also own two other nearby buildings which feature elegant Bed & Breakfast rooms.  
These are the Painted Lady with two bedrooms and large enough for the family and the Main Street
B & B with three more rooms for your overnight or weekend romantic getaway.

After our overnight investigation and stay we at PTF highly recommend the Painted Lady building
and the Jaded Jewel, Angel of Delight or Farmer's Daughter rooms at LulaBelle's for that added
touch of a possible paranormal experience as well.

LulaBelle's Website can be found at:

With such history which also involves the associated criminal activity that comes with prostitution
and gambling there is no wonder why this location would not have a very rich haunting history as

Past and current owners, employees and visitors have experienced a plethora of unexplainable
encounters.  The kitchen area of the restaurant has many such encounters which include things
being thrown across the kitchen by unseen forces in front of human eyes, metal cooking utensils
being found moved and even at times twisted or disfigured, quick moving shadow figures
observed out of the corner of ones eye and even muffled disembodied voices when no one else is
around.  Equipment will also turn on or off by itself as well.  Some of this activity also outreaches to
the dining areas where some have thought they have seen things that were not there out of the
corner of their eye or while looking into one of the mirrors located in the area.   

Visitors in the upstairs Bed & Breakfast rooms have reported hearing voices and footsteps when
no one was around, having their doors locked and unlocked by unseen forces, seeing visual
unexplainable small balls of lights (orbs) with their own two eyes, seeing the shadows of people at
times, experiencing things being moved within their rooms and even on rare occasions being
touched softly by the unseen.  There have also been rare reports from those who have seen what
they call "The Lady in White" as well!  Similar encounters have been reported by those staying in
the Painted Lady building as well.

During our overnight investigation with the KZZK crew a full realm of paranormal experiences
occurred.    Some heard the voice of a lady who they could not see while others heard
unexplainable footsteps.  Moving areas of notable temperature decreases were also documented
along with intelligent interaction by the unseen with and investigators electromagnetic field (EMF)

One investigator was actually touched by the unseen when something softly stroked his arm with
that special cold touch.  A crew member of the KZZK team actually became so frightened that she
ran outside the building screaming!

Intelligent communication was also received through an experimental device called the Ovilus
which was being field tested by our team at this location.  The words "sex" and "pain" were said by
this device multiple times while in close proximity to the room once used for prostitution.    It even
said the name of a KZZK crew member when he was near it on more than one occasion.  More on
this and other devices designed and built by retired electronics engineer Bill Chappell can be
found at:

Multiple Class B and C EVP's were captured throughout the night in various areas of this very
historic and haunted location.  

Equipment documented smaller moving areas of notable temperature drops of up to 5 degrees
coupled and higher erratic EMF readings were documented at times in responses to questions
from individuals present as well.  

Based on our findings, there appears to be unexplainable activity occurring at this location which is
paranormal in nature. Remarkable evidence collected that substantiates such activity includes
audio, data collected from various equipment, and experiences of investigators.

However, further follow up investigations are highly recommended. Such would be very beneficial
and allow the further collection of data and evidence for analysis in hope of determining the
specific haunting nature of this very interesting case.

Also, further research has to be completed on the building used for the Painted Lady Bed &
Breakfast Suite to futher determine the hisotry of that location.

Paranormal task force would like to THANK the following for their participation in assisting this
investigation and the subsequent live broadcast on KZZK "The Grizz" Morning Show concerning it:

1. Mike, Pam and all the great employees of Lulabelle's who opened their home and business to us
which made us feel at home!  Also, for preparing some wonderful food and teats for our overnight
visit there!    You can visit them at:  

2. The crew of KZZK "The Griz" Radio for working with us!  They are always a friendly and fun group
of people.  You can visit their site and possibly find more about our overnight adventure with them
online at:  

3. Chris Koetters, who although no longer with KZZK or Star Radio, was instrumental in putting this
event together.  Plus, Chris is just a great guy and fun to work with.  

4. The Hannibal Inn for providing lodging and a place to rest and go through our material collected
during the investigation to extract potential evidence while away from the location being
investigated.   They were very versatile to our needs and provided a great hospital stay!   I wish we
would have had time to go swimming in the great looking clover leaf pool or use the fundome area.
You can visit them online at:    

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