Located in historic Florissant, Missouri, the Gittemeier Home was investigated on Saturday, March 27,
2010, from approximately 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM.  Investigators in attendance were Ron, Trish, Susan,
and Tom.  A film crew from the City of Florissant Public Access Channel was also present.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM were
overcast with winds from the east to southeast at 13 m.p.h.  Temperature at the beginning of the
investigation was 58 degrees Fahrenheit and dropped to 54 degrees Fahrenheit by the conclusion of
the investigation.  Dew point varied from 44 to 46.  Barometric pressure held steady at 29.95
throughout the investigation.  Relative humidity was 65% to 70%.  Lunar data indicated a Waxing
Gibbous Moon at 92% full.  Solar x-rays were normal and the geomagnetic field was quiet.

Franz Gittemeier was born in Rebbeke, Westphalia, Germany in 1826. He immigrated to the United
States in 1850. Gertrude Gerling was born in Prussia in April of 1833. She came to the United States in
1857 and may have been a 'mail-order bride.' Franz and Gertrude were married in Holy
Trinity Church in St. Louis on September 25, 1858.

Franz hired out as a farm hand near Bridgeton, Missouri but soon decided to go to the California gold
fields. He worked in the mines for seven years and returned to Florissant with enough gold dust to
buy fifty acres of farmland and build the two story brick house where he and Gertrude raised ten

A hard worker, Franz prospered and eventually owned 500 acres of land. According to family legend,
each of his ten children received a farm and $10,000 on his death on September 7, 1891. Gertrude
died on March 15, 1908.

The descendants of Franz and Gertrude Gittemeier are many; they have been leaders in the fields of
business, religion and politics--men and women who added strength and character to the Florissant

In 1938, Mrs. Mae Pondrom, another prominent name in Florissant history, purchased the property.
Her descendents occupied it until Shell Oil Company acquired it for commercial development. The
farmhouse was slated for destruction and the bulldozer was at the front door. Because the community
expressed its desire to preserve the house, Shell asked Historic Florissant, Inc. to assume the
responsibility of restoring and maintaining the house. The house and sufficient land to meet city
requirements were given to Historic Florissant with the provision that the exterior restoration be
completed within one year.

Architect Philip Cotton, Jr. was selected to direct the restoration. Albert Gettemeier, a great-grandson
of Franz was the restoration contractor (some of Franz's descendants changed the spelling).
Borrowing the money, Historic Florissant Inc. met their deadline. The office, bookstore and Resource
Center of Historic Florissant Inc. are now located in the Gittemeier House and the remaining space is
leased in order to provide funds to help maintain the house.

For more information, take a tour or to help support this location and Historic Florissant Inc.
please visit:

http://www.historicflorissant.com/about.shtml - Please help support this society in
preserving history for our future generations!

No paranormal activity has been reported or witnessed by members of Historical Florissant, Inc.  
However, local lore and legends purport this location to have potential paranormal activity present.

The investigation began at approximately 6:30 PM and ended at approximately 11:00 PM on Saturday,
March 27, 2010.  A hi-8mm camera was used to monitor the main entrance/hallway throughout the first
ninety minutes of the investigation.  This was the original location of the main stairway of the home.  
The hi-8 mm camera was later moved to watch the front parlor on the main floor for the remainder of
the investigation.  Interactive investigative sessions to possibly capture Electronic Voice Phenomena
(EVP) were held in the conference room on the second floor, the attic, the front parlor on the main
floor, and the basement.

There were strange hits on Ron’s electromagnetic field (EMF) meter while it was placed on the table
in the main entrance/hallway.  When the meter was picked up, the hits stopped.  The hits also stopped
when more than one person stood near the table.  A flashlight came on by itself while lying on the
table in the main entrance/hallway.  No explainable causes could be found for either oddity.

While placed on the table in the parlor on the main floor, Ron’s EMF meter seemed to be directly
responding to questions which were being asked.  No explainable causes could be found.

The base temperature on the two bottom floors was approximately 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  The base
temperature in the basement was approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  The base temperature in the
attic was approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  This seemed strange as the heat should have risen
to the attic.  A representative from Historic Florissant, Inc. was asked about this and she replied that it
was because there was no heat in the attic.  This temperature irregularity still seemed strange to the
PTF investigators.

No significant visual or audible evidence was captured.  However, there were some anomalous
environmental (temperature and electromagnetic field) readings documented by equipment.

Although there were some notable human experiences and equipment data anomalies, this alone
does not sufficiently substantiate a haunting.   A follow up investigation in hopes of capturing further
data and potential evidence to analyze is recommended

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
March 27, 2010 - Florissant, MO
Historic Gittemeier Home- Florissant, MO
History and Profile of Location
Haunting History
Human Experiences and Equipment Oddities
Resulting Evidence

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