Through the Lens of Tom Halstead

“Bathroom Mist”

Photo of Mist Anomaly in a Bathroom
Taken: August 12, 2006 @ 10:20 p.m.

At the Tri-County Truck Stop, Tom witnessed this strange phenomenon with his own eyes. It dissipated shortly after he took this shot.

Later in the investigation, an attendee using this bathroom heard a sound like a 50 pound bag of potatoes dragging on the floor. When he looked around, he saw the same mist manifest into a translucent male wearing khaki pants and a plaid shirt! The attendee was so startled that he urinated on himself and quietly left the building out of embarrassment.

This photo was featured on Fact or Faked episode, "Truck Stop Terror". Fact or Faked investigated this site and deemed it legitimately haunted!
Tri-County Truck Stop and Restaurant
Tri-County Truck Stop and Restaurant. Photo taken by Tom.