Through the Lens of Tom Halstead

“Mr. Glow”

Photo of Ghost Named Mr. Glow
Taken: November 19, 2005 @ 6:15 p.m.

Tom of Missouri Paranormal Research (now Paranormal Task Force) and Ghosts & Haunts in Missouri captured a possible apparition on 35mm film. Tom was investigating an undisclosed home when he saw this incredible human-sized glowing object move up the stairway and past him!

Expert analysis reveals this picture is truly "unexplainable" and likely impossible to recreate. Experts noted how the anomaly was self-illuminating and it even cast light on the boarded window, wall, and staircase railings.

This picture is featured on the cover of "Ghosts Caught on Film 2", by Jim Eaton. The book can be purchased at major retail book outlets and online.
pic 1
Tom standing at the same location where "Mr. Glow" was captured on film
Original 35mm film negative of "Mr. Glow"