MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH organized a joint recreational overnight investigation of the
famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium which was conducted on September 10, 2006.  In attendance were
members from Missouri Paranormal Research (MPR), Midwestern Paranormal Investigative
Association (MPIA), St. Louis Paranormal Investigative Team (SPIT), SpookStalker and other individuals
from the Missouri Paranormal Research Para-Forum.

Jefferson County, Kentucky was severely stricken with an outbreak of tuberculosis in the early 1900's.
The original Waverly Hills building was soon home to over 140 patients which soon was not large
enough to house the TB outbreak in that area.  Due to the increasing demand construction of a
five-story building in March 1924. The new building opened on October 17, 1926 and could house over
400 patients.   Eventually with the advanced treatment for TB Waverly closed its doors in June 1961.
Iin 1962 it reopened as Woodhaven Geriatrics Hospital which closed in 1981 due to patient abuse.  
Some estimate that about  63,000 patients died during the years the Waverly operated.   

Robert Alberhasky bought Waverly Hills and the surrounding area in March of 1966. Alberhasky's
Christ the Redeemer Foundation Inc. had plans to construct the world's tallest statue of Jesus on the
Waverly site, along with an arts and worship center.  The first phase of the development, coming in at
a cost of $4,000,000, would have been a statue 150 feet tall and 150 feet wide, situated on the roof of
the sanatorium. The second phase would convert the old sanatorium into a chapel, theater, and a gift
shop at a cost of $8,000,000 or more. The plan to construct this religious icon fell through because
donations to the project fell well short of expectations. In a period of a year, only $3,000 was raised
towards the effort despite efforts to pool money from across the nation. The project was cancelled in
December 1997.

As a result, Alberhasky abandoned the Waverly Hills property. In order to recoup some of his costs,
Alberhasky attempted to have the property condemned so that it could be torn down and
redeveloped. That notion was denied by the county, and Alberhasky then attempted to undermine the
structural foundations of the building by bulldozing around the southern perimeter in order to
receive insurance money.

After Alberhasky's efforts failed, Waverly Hills was sold to current owners Tina and Charlie Mattingly in
2001. Charlie's father, who died in 2005, worked as an orderly at Waverly Hills for approximately four
years. The Mattinglys currently hold tours of Waverly Hills and convert the building into a haunted
house attraction each Halloween. Proceeds go toward the renovation of the property.

One of the best sources for historical information of this site can be found on the internet at
WWW.WHSHISTORY.COM   This is the only "Official" Historical website recognized by the owners of
this historical facility.

Waverly Hills is many times called "the most haunted place on Earth." With the reported 63,000
reported deaths and the never ending reports of various paranormal activity from  the property
owners, workers, and investigators, this  claim may well be very true.  

The most famous reported locations of Paranormal activity include  Room 502 which is located on the
fifth floor.  This room was made infamous by local legends about two suicides that occurred in that
room. These rumors include a Waverly Hills nurse who supposedly hung herself from a fixture in the
room after becoming pregnant out of wedlock and another which includes a nurse who allegedly
jumped from the rooftop after battling long-term depression.

Also, the "Death Tunnel"  was made famous by ghostly tales and haunted stories.  The "Death Tunnel"
is an inclined corridor that was constructed as an employee entrance/exit, to move supplies to and
from the main building and was also used to transport bodies from the hospital to the bottom of the
hill, where they were picked up by local funeral homes. This practice was used to maintain the morale
of the general hospital population by concealing the bodies.

Stories of specific ghosts include the ghost of a young child bouncing a ball.  It is also claimed that at
least one small, old, leather ball was found in the building during an investigation and that the ball
rolled towards the investigators and moved by an "unseen force." which has been named "Timmy".  

Another common apparition often reported  is that of a young girl with no eyes. This girl is often
referred to as "Mary", based on a photograph of a young woman found in the building, which was
signed, "Love, Mary Lee."

Other sightings include the ghost of a homeless man and his dog. The two are rumored to have been
found dead in a non-functioning elevator by police in the mid-1990s, when the complex was

Another purported ghost includes an elderly woman running out of the main entrance, wrists in
restraints, bleeding profusely and begging for help.

The most common paranormal activity reported at this building is the phenomenon of shadow people,
"moving shadows" that seemingly have substance and which have been reported to block light of
laser pointers.  There are other reports of ghostly children playing on the old rooftop playground and
many visitors claim to have seen glowing orbs and plasma in their photographs. Others claim that
entire rooms at Waverly Hills light up at night for no apparent reason and sightings of "brown imps"
on the grounds.

For this recreational investigation several video recorders with and without infra red extenders and
night shot capabilities were used.  Various digital still cameras, EMF meters, voice recorders and IR
Thermometers were utilized throughout the investigation.

The MPR & Friends Group arrived in Louisville, KY at various times on Friday & Saturday (Sept. 8th &
10th) and stayed at the Louisville Southwest Holiday Inn Hotel located at 4110 Dixie Hwy and only
about six miles away from the Waverly.  This hotel now features a special rate for those who book a
room in advance for their overnight Waverly Investigation  which includes a late checkout of 6 p.m.
the following day so the investigators can get proper rest prior to traveling back home.  This rate can
be obtained if you visit by calling this Hotel at 1-502-448-2020

Most of the group made their way to the Waverly grounds where we were allowed to walk around and
take day time photographs and video of the exterior of the building.  This was set up in advance
through the owner Tina and was much appreciated by all members of our group!

MPR & Friends then met at Jerry's J-Boy Restaurant also located on the Dixie Hwy on the way to the
Waverly at 10 p.m. for dinner with Kay & Danny Owen from Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team
(S.I.G.H.T.) a local Louisville Paranormal Investigative Group which is assisting with the Waverly
preservation projects and other paranormal related activities.  After an inexpensive and delicious
dinner we then headed over to the Waverly for our overnight investigation arriving at about 11:00
p.m.  We then proceeded to the old, now renovated, laundry facility where we watched a short
historical video presentation along with excerpts from a recent episode of "Ghost Hunters"
concerning the TAPS investigation of this famous site.  Greg Myers of MPR gave a short introduction
of Kay Owen from SIGHT who then addressed the group concerning her and her paranormal groups
experiences at his location.

We were then introduced to our tour guide, Brandon nicknamed "Radar", who discussed the rules
and then took us into the building and onto the second floor.  Another group was also booked for the
overnight investigation so a rotational process was utilized so both groups could investigate all
available areas.  The first floor was not accessible to investigate due to current renovation and the
set up of the haunted house props,  

Our group was allowed to fully investigate the second and third floors until 4 a.m. at which time we
rotated to the fourth and fifth floors for investigation until about 7 a.m. where we were afforded a
chance to walk the entire length of the "Death Tunnel".  We then departed about 8:30 a.m.. and many
of us ate breakfast at Frisch's Big Boy Restaurant on Dixie Hwy which had an excellent and
inexpensive breakfast buffet.

The staff of the Waverly was very professional and hospital. We couldn't have gotten a better tour
guide!  Brandon "Radar" was very friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting in various
matters of our investigation which included various techniques and equipment suggestions.  

1. Small pieces of old concrete landed near investigators on a few occasions on the second floor.  
Investigation of the areas in which this happened showed that the closest place on the walls or
ceilings where such could have fell explainably were over 10 feet away.

2. An odd approaching sound of metal scraping on the concrete floor was observed by some
investigators on the second floor.

3. Some investigators were touched by an unseen force in various manners.

4. A swing on the roof top old swing set started to swing on its own while and investigator from MPR &
MPIA were present.  No other swings at that time showed any movement.

5. Audible voices and whispers from unseen sources were experienced by many investigators
throughout the investigation.

6. Unexplainable scratches were received by one of the SPIT investigators during the night.

Several digital and film still pictures were taken by various investigators along with several hours
worth of video and audio.   Full analysis of all gathered stills, video and audio will take some time to

Preliminary Analysis

Notable digital and film still photographs along with two video clips have been extracted and posted
on the Photo & Video page of this section.

Final Analysis & Results

No remarkable EVP, two very remarkable photographs captured by Tom Halstead with one digital and
one film and one remarkable video clip captured by Tom Halstead.  Also, one very remarkable video
captured by our friend and guest Tom from Colorado.

The combination of human experiences coupled with the very remarkable photographs (digital and
film) and very remarkable video captures allow us to state that there is a very significant level of
paranormal activity happening throughout this location and there is indeed a haunting and/or multiple
hauntings occurring at this location.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
September 10, 2006
History and Profile of Area
Urban Legend or Facts?
Human Experiences and Oddities
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence

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