A visit to and minor investigation of the Lemp Mansion was conducted Saturday, November 11, 2005
through Sunday, November 12, 2005.

In attendance were Regina, Dan, Judy and myself of Missouri Paranormal Research.
Local weather conditions for this minor investigation for the time period of 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.
were partly cloudy to light rain, winds from the south/south west with gust up to 28 mph,
temperatures started at 68 degrees Fahrenheit at 9:30 p.m. and dropped to 62 degrees Fahrenheit
by 2:30 a.m., dew point ranged from 52 to 54 for the duration of this investigation, barometric
pressure ranged from 29.80 raising to 29.92 for the duration of this investigation. Relative Humidity
Ranged from 56% dropping to 54%.

Lunar data was a Waxing Gibbous Moon at 84.6% Full. Solar X-Rays were Active and the
Geomagnetic Field was Quiet.

This mansion was built in 1868 for Jacob Feickert, a father in law to William Lemp. It was then
purchased by William Lemp in 1876 and used as his primary residence and also office space for his
brewery. Over the decades this mansion has seen many deaths and tragic events involving
suicides of the famous Lemp family which include the suicide of William himself on February 13,
1904; his daughter Elsa on March 20, 1920; his son William Jr. on December 29, 1922 and finally his
son Charles on May 10, 1949.

Another mystery surrounding this family was that of an illegitimate child that William Jr. had which
people only know as the "Monkey Face Boy". This child was hidden from the public and also died in
the mansion where it was rumored he was kept in a room in the attic.

After the suicide of Charles Lemp the mansion them became a deteriorating boarding house until
1975 when it was purchased by the current owner and renovated into the restaurant, dinner theatre
and Bed & Breakfast. It has been listed as one of the top ten haunted places in the United States
and has a stigma attracting many paranormal investigators and curious people wanting to
experience the paranormal.

Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter, La Crosse IR-101 Infra-Scan IR Thermometer, Panasonic
RR-US360 IC Recorder, Sony DSC-F828 8.0 Mega pixel Digital Still Camera, Sony HVL-IRM IR Light for
above camera and an Engineer Directional Compass (Standard Magnetic Type)

The William Lemp Suite at the Lemp Mansion was rented for the night. Judy and I arrived at
approximately 9:30 p.m. We met Regina and Dan at the front of the Mansion and proceeded to the
William Lemp room. After a brief stay in this room we then toured the upper half of the mansion,
including the attic area where renovations are occurring. The Elsa Lemp Suite on the third floor
(attic floor) was closed for renovations.

We returned to the William Lemp Suite with a later visit to the gift shop and bar areas with another
return to the William Lemp Suite staying there until approximately 1:15 a.m. when we then
investigated the mansion on all levels to collect photographs and audio recording for further

We left the mansion at approximately 2:30 a.m. and returned home leaving Dan and Regina there for
the rest of the night.

1. The bedroom area of the two room William Lemp Suite displayed strange EMF readings
throughout our stay. More notable was that the copper convection radiator which sat about 12
inches from the wall kept a constant reading of about 4-5 milligauss while the wall behind it
remained at a notable lower reading. A similar radiator in the sitting area of the suite displayed no
significant reading. Also there were areas where the readings in the bedroom area fluctuated with
areas of notable 4 milligauss or higher seeming to randomize, move and change in area size. This
may be able to be attributed to the attic area above where various AC and Heating system
components are located. A study of the floor plans and equipment and power source lay out would
have to be analyzed for any proper conclusion. I will note however that the chifferrobe in the
bedroom at one time near the right side mirror displayed a very unusual reading of 7 to 10
milligauss which lasted for a very short time and never returned. During this period, I could feel the
hair on my arms and neck rise along with goose bumps. This was the only time I experienced such a
feeling throughout the night.

2. Judy at one time did see an apparition appear for a brief period in the sitting room of this suite in
front of the window table near the sliding door to the bedroom. It was an elderly man dressed in a
suit with a longer (2 inch or so) beard. It also appeared to her in a white (non-color) form and not in

3. Towards the end of our visit and while in the basement towards the rear, I did feel a sense of
danger for an unknown reason. When Judy came to that area she told me to leave it right then. She
saw unexplainable human like shadow figures pacing back and forth distantly in front of us without
making noise.

4. Some of us also felt a heaviness in the attic area in the room with glass doors appearing to go to
the roof.

5. Judy and Regina also sensed activity behind the locked door of the Attic Elsa Suite.

6. I sensed an eerie feeling while at the top of the main stairway on the second floor while taking
photographs down the stairs and watching the front door area of the mansion from that location. It
was a being watched feeling with some type of unknown movement below.

7. My digital IC recorder turned off several times when on. Battery level was fine and operation
after being there has been fine without a battery change yet.

109 digital pictures were taken by myself and an unknown amount by Dan were also taken.  About 53
minutes of audio recordings were captured in audio note taking and EVP attempts.  All collected
pictures and audio are in need of further analysis to determine potential evidence.

Preliminary Analysis

A brief preliminary view of all digital pictures reveals nothing remarkable except an unusual amount
of orbs captured with my camera.
There are some notable clips from the 34 segments of audio recorded. Further analysis is still in
need for these more notable clips extracted from the segments.

Final Analysis & Results

Upon further analysis of the digital pictures, it can be further determined that all orbs have
explainable causes including dust and lens flaring.

Final analysis of MPR's audio recordings show 6 notable captures of EVP's. The same male voice
was captured in many of these at different locations. A detailed EVP summary is attached.

Even though 6 notable EVP's were captured and erratic EMF readings were experienced, it is the
opinion of Missouri Paranormal Research that these alone are not enough unexplainable evidence
to substantiate an actual haunting or existence of paranormal activity. However, enough evidence
and experience was present to warrant follow up investigation(s). Such follow up investigation(s)
will have to be conducted to further document specific activity and to attempt the possible
collection of additional evidence.

Missouri Paranormal Research would also like to note that this location would be difficult to
produce photographic evidence due to the excessive amount of mirrors placed throughout the
mansion. Also, EMF readings with a meter sensitive to man made EMF would be very difficult due to
HVAC elements being located in the attic area which would cause various fluctuations on the
second floor depending on which unit was operating at any given time. It also appears that some of
the old copper convection radiator heating units may have electrical grounding to various piping
connected to them as one such heater within the William Lemp suite was emitting steady high EMF
readings throughout the night.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
Music provided by local St. Louis
artist and musician (MPR's Own) Tom
Halstead and his band Shock Session.

"DESOLATED (Dark Mix)"
Artist: Shock SESSION
CD: Nightmare Chamber

Credits: (c)(p) 2002 Halstead
Lemp Mansion (St. Louis) - Visit and Minor Investigation
November 11, 2005 9:30 p.m. to November 12, 2005 2:30 a.m.
Report Completed January 2,  2006
History and Profile of Home and Property
Human Experiences and Oddities
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence


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