Arnold, MO Cemetery  - Investigation of April 1, 2006 - 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

In attendance were Greg, Judy, Regina, Sona, Melissa, Tom and Angie of Missouri Paranormal Research
and special guest Lenny a life long resident of Arnold and special friend of Sona.

Local weather conditions for this investigation for the time period of 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. was clear to
partly cloudy, winds from the east at 12 mph, temperatures started at 57 degrees Fahrenheit and dropped
to 53 degrees Fahrenheit by 12:00 a.m., dew point ranged from 47 to 46 for the duration of this
investigation, barometric pressure ranged from 30.02 falling to 30.00 for duration this investigation.
Relative Humidity Ranged from 69% rising to 77%.

Lunar data was a Waxing Cresent Moon at approximately 20 percent Full. Solar X-Rays were normal and
the Geomagnetic Field was quiet.

Little history can be found on this cemetery and little is known by the Arnold Historical Society.  All that
could be found about this location is that it was deeded from Skelton Richardson and Mary B. his wife to
William J. Kirk, dated 9th March 1867, 128 Acres out of which 2 acres was already deeded to John
Richardson, Peter Frederitzi, and Philip Pipkin.   It is also known that slaves were not buried within the
parameters of the cemetery, but were buried outside the bounds of the actual cemetery.

Missouri Paranormal Research will further research this location to see if more information can be found.  
There is only approximately two acres remaining today as newer subdivisions surround it.  This cemetery
sits upon the crest of a hill and there are burials within the overgrown wooded slopes of it.

If anyone has more information on this specific cemetery then please contact us here at MPR.  This is a
very interesting cemetery which should be historically preserved.  There appears to be a burial from 1819
within it also.

Brought by Greg of MPR; Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter, La Crosse IR-101 Infra-Scan IR Thermometer,
Panasonic RR-US360 IC Recorder, Sony DSC-F828 8.0 Mega pixel Digital Still Camera (Cybershot), Sony
CCD-TRV-98 Camcorder with 17 hour battery, Sony HVL-IRM IR Light for above cameras, Radio Shack
motion sensor alarm, ghost catchers/wind chimes and an Engineer Directional Compass (Standard
Magnetic Type)

Brought by Sona; Panasonic RR-US360 IC Recorder, Sony Cybershot DCS-P31 2.0 Mega pixel, FujiFilm
FinePix A205 2.0 Mega pixel, Sony CCD-TRV128 HI-8 Camcorder with Night Vision & 175 Min Battery &
Stand, Cell Sensor EMF Meter

Brought by Tom and Angie; Canon S2 IS Digital Camera, Sony Digital IC Recorder

Brought by Melissa; Kodak C300 Digital Camera.

Lenny who is a Paranormal Skeptic even used his cell phones recording function in attempts to catch EVP!

Team members met at an adjacent residents property at about 8:45 p.m. then headed into the cemetery
from there.

Two video cameras were placed into operation on tripods with two portable digital audio recorders
randomly placed.  Tom and Angie also used their still cameras and placed on tripods to capture additional
video and automatic interval taken still photographs.

1. A shadow figure was witnessed by two team members as it appeared to do a type of military crawl along
the ground.

2. Unexplainable cold spots were experienced by investigators at the beginning of the investigation while
weather equipment indicated there were no abnormal changes or pockets of temperature change .

3. Angie's camera which was on a tripod and securely placed was found tipped over at about 10:45 p.m.

4. A gate on a stoned area of the cemetery fully shut on Tom and Greg without explainable cause.  The
gate was further analyzed and was incapable of shutting on its own to a fully closed position.

5. Tom's camera on a tripod was unexplainably shut off without the battery being discharged or the
memory card being full.

6.  Unexplainable battery draining was experienced by some and more than once on the same piece of

7. A very short hot breeze was experienced by an investigator when a sensitive investigator was trying to
capture EVP while questioning a possible entity over an incident that occurred.

8. While Tom and Greg were in the stone wall area of the cemetery and other investigators were in an
other area, a large piece of cement/mortor dropped from many feet above and through a few small tree
branches before hitting the ground with a loud "Thud" noise.  The wall was only about 3 feet high.  No
explainable cause could be found and recreation attempts with tossing the same piece could not produce
the same result experienced.  

9. Greg experience a strange distortion for a period of time on his digital audio recorder during an EVP

Several digital pictures, approximately 5 to 6 hours of video and 6 to 7 hours of audio were collected
during the investigation.  All collected video, pictures and audio are in need of further analysis to
determine potential evidence.

Preliminary Analysis

Audio captured by Greg has produced 8 to 10 notable EVP's which need further analysis.  Also, audio
captured by Sona has produced 4 to 8 notable EVP's which need further analysis.

Some of the still photographs captured orbs with some being very notable and beyond the easy to dismiss
test.  There are also a couple of pictures with an unexplainable fog anomaly which also need further
analysis.  There are still many pictures in need of initial review.

Video captured has no notable visual occurrences, but has notable audio captures which need further

                                              Final Analysis & Results

A total of 16 notable EVP's were captured from the audio of digital audio recorders and video cameras.  
Photographs of a very notable orb and a fog like anomaly were captured with no easy explainable cause.  
No notable visual video was captured other than the audio clips with unexplainable noises.  

It is the opinion of Missouri Paranormal Research that enough unexplainable evidence in combination
with human experience was captured and/or experienced to substantiate a high probability of an actual
haunting or paranormal activity.  Follow up investigation(s) will have to be conducted to further document
specific activity and to attempt the possible collection of additional evidence.

Gregory Myers, President
Paranormal Task Force
Report Completed: April 24, 2006
History and Profile of Home and Property
Human Experiences and Oddities
Potential Evidence for Analysis and Evaluation
Resulting Evidence

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